Yes, I spelled it “positivitea.” Why? Because I wake up every day knowing that anything is possible, and one of the things I can always count on to bring me joy is a nice hot cup of tea. Join me, won’t you?


I wanted to have a space where I could share my path to… enlightenment? Awareness? Awakening? I’m not exactly sure what to call it, but I know it feels good to be what Gabby Bernstein (one of my favorite gurus!) calls a “Spirit Junkie.” I’m opening up to the universe and every single day I’m witnessing miracles. Little shifts in my thinking that have changed the way I see the world around me. I’m full of gratitude, on a search for grace, and ask each day what I can do to be of service to others.

I’ve been sharing a lot of my ideas, insights, favorite sayings/pictures/memes/mantras/whathaveyou on Facebook, and I’ve been truly delighted that so many of my friends are responding positively to my message: “only love is real.” And as I meditated today it came to me that since I get such a sense of gratification and joy from sharing my musings about the world on Facebook — a private space not really created to be a mini-blog of sorts — I could expand that love and light even further out into the universe if I started blogging for real.

So here I am! I’m hoping to use this space to share not only my own thoughts and revelations about life and the universe, but to share insights from some of my favorite people, like Gabby Bernstein, Deepak Chopra, Mastin Kipp, Marie Forleo, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Oprah Winfrey (yes, Oprah Winfrey), and so many others who are on the spiritual path and can often articulate feelings, thoughts, and ideas that I could never put to words. I’ll also post inspirational sayings and art, information about yoga (which is my absolute favorite thing to do!), links to guided mediations and meditation music I like, healthy recipes, and anything else from which people might benefit. It’s also cathartic for me to write about the ideas swirling around my noggin — it will help keep me sane! And PLEASE leave comments & engage in discussion with me and with each other. That’s what this whole social media thing is all about: community.

So here we go. I’m putting more love out into the universe one blog post at a time. And I’ll end with a Kundalini mantra of awareness: “sat nam.” Gabby tends to end her vlogs with this saying, and I became curious. Sat nam can be defined thusly: it’s a bit like saying “I see your true nature” or “I recognize the divinity within you.” I dig it. And I do.

Sat nam, friends.

(This is me hugging you. All of you.)



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