I like big (pork) butts

Day 5! I made it through an entire work week on southwest eggsthis new plan. I get to work from home on Fridays doing research, so I was able to make all 3 meals today from scratch — no leftovers here! Breakfast was really, really good today: Southwest Scrambled Eggs with avocado and roasted red pepper sauce. The actual recipe calls for salsa, but I can’t seem to find a store-bought version that meets all the Whole 30 requirements (anyone?? suggestions? Bueller?). Next time I’ll make some, but since I had some red pepper gheesauce already made in the fridge, I went with it. I used ghee instead of olive oil in the egg pan, and BOY did it make a difference! So buttery. So delicious. It was so good that I send a picture of my breakfast to Chad, basically saying na-na-na-na-na because he was missing out. Childish? Absolutely. But he’s not a “breakfast guy” so I didn’t feel too bad.

And then lunch was a breeze:

Chicken salad for days…

Chicken Salad! Canned chicken and the Whole 30 Basic Mayo (which I made the other day, so it was anxiously awaiting me in the fridge), and I added some chopped onion and green bell pepper as well as some salt and pepper. According to the Whole 30 plan, I should have also had a side of fruit, but I was seriously full after three of the romaine lettuce wraps. So, there’s leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! It was a nice, light lunch, and I was surprised that I didn’t get hungry this afternoon.

But not long after lunch was over, I had to start prepping dinner! On tonight’s menu: Roasted Sweet Potato stuffed with Pulled Pork Carnitas, with a Drizzle of Avocado Dressing! My first time making anything with pork butt! (hee hee… I said butt). But (see what I did there?) I had to start cooking at 4:15 in order for us to eat this century.pork butt

So I started by cutting the pork into 4-inch cubes & seasoning them with salt & pepper, and then browning each side in the dutch oven (*giggle*) over medium heat & then setting that aside. Sounds simple, but it took forEVER, and put me behind schedule immediately. In any case,onions & garlic once the meat was browned, I put a chopped onion in the dutch oven for a few minutes, and then added 8 cloves of chopped garlic for a minute, then poured in 2 cups of water & added the meat back in. The heat got kicked up & then once it was boiling, the top went on & the whole shebang went into a 350 oven for 2 1/2 hours.

avocado mayo
Avocado mayo!

That gave me more than enough time to get the sweet potatoes ready and make the avocado mayo. Sweet potatoes were pretty standard: washed, poked some holes, rubbed in olive oil, wrapped in foil, and put in the oven for about an hour on 375. We added some ghee to them (and salt & pepper) when we were ready to sit down to eat. The mayo was pretty straightforward: I had to first make regular mayo with oil, egg, mustard powder, salt, & lemon, and then smush up an avocado to add to the mix in the food processor. A little bit of lime added a bit of a kick to it! It was actually quite good. Green is good. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

So once the butt (hee hee) came out of the oven, we had to trash the fat & then shred the rest. I let Chad take the lead on the shredding — I think it makes him feel like Wolverine. And while he did that, I finished up with

You guys. It smelled SO GOOD when it came out of the oven. 

the sweet potatoes & started plating! The recipe called for the potatoes to be “stuffed” with the shredded pork, but we decided to keep our potatoes separate & just eat the pork on its own. Topped it off with a little avocado mayo & green onion, and we were ready to eat!

Of course, halfway through eating I realized that I was supposed to have put the mixture from the dutch oven (onions, garlic, & pork bits) back in with the shredded pork, so I was kind of pissed. Four+ hours of cooking, and I dropped the ball at the last minute! The pork was actually quite delicious without it, but I HATE when I do dumb stuff like that. So Chad mixed it all back together, since we’re using the leftovers for breakfast (which I’m quite excited about — pork carnitas with a fried egg with onion & green pepper! I’m pretty sure I’m going to dream about it…)

When all was said and done, though, dinner was — once again — delicious. I’m thinking that the sweet potato tasted SOOOOO GOOOOOD because I’ve had very little in the way of “sweet” this week, but I’ll take it. Maybe that’s the point of the Whole 30? Hmmm…

final dinner















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