Day 6: I’m still standing… er, sitting.

I am completely exhausted from spending 10 hours today working on a book chapter that’s due Monday, so I’ll be brief tonight! I’m glad I had the energy this morning to make a completely delicious breakfast with last night’s leftovers: Pulled Pork topped with a Fried Egg and side of Sauteed Onions and Green Pepper.

saturday breakfast

We felt so fancy! Do you ever eat something that fancy for breakfast? (If you do, let me know. And give me your address. And set an extra plate. Or two if Chad can come.)

And it was a seriously filling meal. It was my first try at a fried egg, so I wanted to watch Chad do it first. Being the chef extraordinaire that he is, of course he nailed it. I may have also added some of that delectable avocado mayo from last night, too.

And then after consuming this feat of culinary greatness, I retired to the home office to write my book chapter. I didn’t even realize I was hungry for lunch until 3:30! And praise the leftover gods, we had enough pulled pork from last night’s dinner & chicken salad from yesterday’s lunch to feed the both of us. I was in such a writing haze that I totally forgot to take a picture — there’s one on Chad’s phone, but he’s not home and I’m too tired to wait for him to get back to blog later tonight — but take my word for it that it was just as delicious as yesterday, all rolled up in giant romaine leaves. I’m glad he had dinner plans, since it’s now 9pm and I’m just realizing I didn’t eat dinner. But to be fair, lunch was super-late…

Anyhoo, I’m off to whip up some eggs or something to nourish myself before I pour a cuppa super-bland fruit tea (still missing my stevia like ca-razy), so I’ll check in tomorrow when I have more time to A) whip up some actual meals, and 2) write for the blog, rather than my editor 🙂

Ta-ta for now!






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