Day 9: Lights Out!

Again I find myself having write about my Whole 30 experience a day late, but this time it’s for a legitimate reason — our power was out for 7 hours last night! Thankfully, we were already finished with dinner and were just starting the clean-up process when the house went dark, so at least we got our nutrition on. We lit candles, calmed the nervous doggo who hates storms, collected the patio umbrella and brought it inside after the wind blew the table over, and grabbed the shutter that fell off of the front of the house from the crazy winds. And then, because we’re uber-nerds, we used Chad’s phone as a hotspot, grabbed our goblets of water, and sat in front of the computer to watch The Iron Fist on Netflix until bedtime (and of course we used the bluetooth speaker, because what are we? Cavemen?). veggies

But back to dinner. After the night before’s 3-hour cooking marathon, and then annoying my coworkers yesterday at lunch by heating up my leftover salmon cakes in the workroom microwave (sorry guys!), I was ready to knock out this dinner in record time. So I was so proud of myself that I got home around 5:15 and started vegetable chopping! In the daylight! I was plugging along, working on a Chicken Sausage Frittata with Onion, Green Pepper, & Spinach and Cauliflower Mash (like mashed potatoes) when I suddenly realized that the chicken sausage I bought was non-compliant!

The chicken was finally ready!

There was sugar all over that mo-fo! So I texted Chad and he offered to stop at Kroger on the way home to find some compliant sausage. Except that apparently doesn’t exist at regular grocery stores. He even had the meat guy helping him read labels!! In any case, we opted to use some frozen chicken we already had, and he grabbed some jalapenos to spice it up.

But then that meant I had to boil some frozen chicken breasts & season them before we could even think about putting them in a frittata. Sigh.

So while the chicken boiled away, I started on the mashed cauliflower — something I’ve actually always wanted to try but never had to guts to do. People were always telling me “it tastes just like real mashed potatoes,” but I wanted to be the judge of that! So in went a head of cauliflower florets and 3 cloves of garlic into

Stir like the wind!

the saucepan to soften, and then after about 15 minutes, I drained it & threw it in the food processor with the other dry ingredients. Now, the recipe said to pulse it & then add in the 1/2 cup of chicken stock a tablespoon at a time… but I apparently I was too heavy-handed with the chicken stock and ended up with super-runny cauliflower without even using the whole 1/2 cup!

But Chad came to my rescue — he grabbed the runny mess and threw it back on the stove top to let some of the liquid evaporate. Might as well, since the chicken was still being prepped and the frittata wasn’t even close to ready! So while he finished up the chicken business, I made it my mission to stir

Pretty veggies

that pot of mash until it somewhat-resembled actual mashed potatoes. And a mere 45 minutes later, it worked! Which was perfect timing, because the frittata was just about ready to come out of the oven. However, once again, it was almost 8pm! So 2 1/2 hours of cooking took up my entire evening.

I’ll also note that for both of us, day 9 was “Grumpy Day.” We were both kind of over it, exhausted from all the food prep and cooking, and some of us were dying for a bourbon. The Whole 30 book predicted this, so I kind of knew it was coming, but I really kind of wish I could have skipped this stage. But we put on some music, worked together, and made it through like champs. If nothing else, we’ve realized that we really enjoy being in the kitchen together,

uncooked frittata
Ready for the oven

and after we make allthefood every night, we actually sit down at the table and eat and talk about our respective days. We’ve implemented a no-phone rule while we eat, so it’s been really nice just to wind down the day with some delicious food and really good company.

But enough of the mushy stuff! Unless you mean the cauliflower mash because it was awesome!! It truly looked, smelled, and tasted like garlic mashed potatoes. And now that I know I only need a teeny bit of chicken stock, this will definitely be a staple. And the frittata was really good — although we both agreed that the one we

cooked frittata
Another successful frittata!

made with the ground beef was better.

But, frittata. So it can’t be all bad.

We’re planning a trip to Whole Foods and/or Costco, because I hear great things about the availability of compliant foods there. Friday night date night to buy meat! You know you’re jealous…


I present, day 9 dinner:

dinner 9



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