Days 13-14: alltheleftovers

3rd night’s a charm

There’s a reason I haven’t posted since Friday: all we’ve been eating is leftovers! Seriously. I guess I make enough for at least 4 people every night, so the fridge was overflowing with leftovers from the week. And that was just fine with me. It was really nice to take a break from all of that prep and cooking and just heat up something quickly.

I have now officially had spaghetti (squash) and meatballs with homemade tomato sauce three nights in a row. And you know what? It was delicious each and every time.

leftover mishmash
Chad’s mishmash (featuring lots of jalapeno & habanero)

We’ve had a really busy weekend, too — we had to move as much of Chad’s stuff out of his townhouse as possible, since he closes this Thursday! The movers are coming Tuesday to move the big furniture, but we did everything else ourselves. And in order to prep for the furniture that’s coming to the house, we had to move the current kitchen table & chairs (now in the storage unit) and the big couch in the family room (now residing at my sister’s house, thanks to our friends Mark & Kathy!).

So the house feels strangely empty (but at the same time, there’s stuff everywhere??!) and I’m eating and blogging from the kitchen island since that’s the only place to sit!

sat breakfastBut the leftovers have actually been a Godsend this weekend. The only interesting food we’ve consumed has been at breakfast time! Saturday morning we used some leftover carnitas, topped with scrambled eggs, sauteed onion, green pepper, and jalapeno, and topped that with avocado and salsa! It was really, really good (and really, really filling — we ended up not eating lunch & were barely hungry for dinner!).

And then we were stoked yesterday to find sunday breakfastsome compliant bacon at Kroger (half the price of the Whole Foods bacon), so we cooked it up this morning with some scrambled eggs and some roasted breakfast potatoes, and then sat at the table all lazy-like eating fruit to our collective hearts’ content. It was glorious.

This will be an interesting week food-wise, though. Because we were leftover fans all week, I’ve got the ingredients for 4 nights worth of dinners already, so there’s some $$$ I won’t have to spend at Publix — hooray!! But my folks are also in town this week grapesstarting Wednesday, and they’re staying with us. So I hope they’re ready for some Whole 30 dinners! Chad thinks my mom will be impressed with how much I’ve grown in the kitchen, but we’ll see. I plan to check with her tomorrow about their food preferences so I can plan for dinners I know they’ll actually eat.

I’m looking forward to the challenge! Oh, and actually looking forward to my parents visiting, too 🙂

On to week three of Whole 30!! 14 more days to go!!


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