Day 16: Soggy Shepherd’s Pie at the “New” Kitchen Table

Today has been insane crazy. The movers brought all of Chad’s stuff from his townhouse to our house, so now our garage is basically a storage unit. Upside? He has beautiful, comfortable leather couches and a really nice wood pub-style kitchen table, so… new furniture for me!

He sweet potatocloses on Thursday, ending quite an era in Chad-dom. So on top of the physical stress from the move is the emotional toll. It’s a huge life event for us to officially be sharing a home!
So in light of the exhaustion and allthefeels, I decided on a relatively quick dinner of comfort food-style: Shepherd’s Pie! I used ground beef rather than lamb (I just can’t bring myself to buy lamb…), celery, carrots, onion, garlic, and some oregano and thyme, salt & pepper.

Since it’s Whole 30, they suggested topping with sweet potato. Don’t meat & veggiesmind if I do! After boiling the chunks of sweet potato for about 10 minutes, I ran it through the food processor with ghee and coconut milk.

After I sauteed the veggies in a pot with some more ghee, I added the beef and garlic, stirring for about 10 minutes. Then the spices went in & I took it off the burner for about 5 to cool a bit.

baking dishThen the mixture was dumped into a baking dish and I topped it with the smooshed up sweet potato. It was pretty! After that, I just popped it in a 375 oven for half an hour & voila! Whole 30’s Shepherd’s Pie!

Except that when I took it out of the oven, the top hadn’t browned like it was supposed to and it was sort of… soupy? I double checked that I had followed the exact recipe, and I totally did. But the ghee had all risen to the top and was basically just bubbling and boiling away, not allowing the sweet potatoes to cook properly. I was super disappointed and totally sulked about two soggy dinners in a row (see last night’s watery zoodle nonsense), but Chad assured me that it was edible. I did, in fact, eat some myself because I was starving — it actually didn’t taste bad, but it looked… not great. Which is why I didn’t post a “here’s what we’re eating!” picture tonight. It looked much prettier in the baking dish before I actually put it in the oven. Lesson learned! Don’t use ghee in this recipe!

But soggy shepherd’s pie or no, it’s the beginning of a new era! It was nice to share this meal with my intended at our “new” kitchen table.


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