Day 18: Thirsty Thursday & Fancy Frittatas

We’ve almost made it through three weeks of Whole 30. And both of us have hit that “I could really use a drink” point in our 30 day challenge. Chad officially closed on the townhouse today, which is a feat for which we would normally raise a glass (or two). And I spent the afternoon talking with my mom about wine for the wedding, but no vino for me. Sad face.

Ah well. We’re inching closer & closer to finishing this challenge! And I can notice a difference in Chad — he’s definitely lost some weight. Me? Not so much, so I’m trying to count my NSVs (non-scale victories) like sleeping better, more(ish) energy, and so on. Part of Whole 30 is NOT weighing yourself until day 31 since technically this is not a weight loss plan, it’s a detox and re-start for your body. But when you’re getting married in 6 months, a little weight loss would be freaking awesome.

sausageAnyhoo… today’s eating was on point, even with houseguests. Dad and I had breakfast together this morning, though he ate some breakfast sausages that are non-compliant, so I just stuck with the scrambled eggs. While the folks were out to lunch with my aunt & uncle, I made a tuna/guac/mayo/veggies concoction that hit the spot. And then dinner was Chicken-Apple Sausage and Spinach Frittata. After I spent the afternoon shopping with my sister & mom, I was excited to come home and cook for everyone. But as soon as I started chopping veggies for the frittata, my parents left for parts unknown. I was a little disappointed, but Chad and I were starved, so… more for us! We quickly whipped up the frittata and watched some Big Bang Theory veggieswhile we ate. It was a nice change of pace.

We had done frittatas before and really liked them, so I followed the advice of some other Whole 30ers and tried adding the chicken-apple sausage. It’s basically the only kind of sausage that’s compliant, but I was a little hesitant because… chicken & apple? Sounded weird to me. So we cooked that up first and tasted it in case it was gross, so we could salvage the rest of the frittata! A few sausage cookingminutes in water in the iron skillet, followed by a few minutes in olive oil in the skillet, and those suckers were cooked up. And surprisingly good! There was a little sweetness to them, but nothing really apple-y.

So we put them aside & added in the onion, green bell pepper, and tomato to the skillet for a few minutes. Then the baby spinach went in, and took about 45 seconds to wilt. Then the sliced sausage, and finally the eggs. Then the whole shebang went in cooking frittatathe oven on 500/broil for about 8 minutes. Normally it would only go in the oven for 3 or 4 minutes, but like EVERY OTHER TIME we’ve made a frittata, we forgot to preheat the oven. Dolts, the both of us. I blame the exhaustion.

And, as usual, it came out beautifully. And we were happy to just sit, eat, drink our non-alcoholic drinks (grrrrrr), and bask in the glory of the check from today’s closing on Chad’s townhouse. Not really the kind of celebration we would normally do, so we’ll wait until day 31 to have a real toast. Cheers!

final frittata


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