Days 19 & 20: Family Dinners & Costco

Yesterday was my nephew’s 12th birthday, which of course meant a big family dinner out. His favorite is Olive Garden, so we all trucked it to the OG. I’m not gonna lie — I was in a bit of a panic! This would be the first dinner out since I started Whole 30. So I checked the OG website for their menu and nutrition info, and determined that I could do a salad with no croutons, cheese, or dressing and then either the sirloin or salmon entree (with no delicious, delicious butter) and a side of steamed broccoli. Chad was able to make it to the early-bird dinner at 5, so I ordered the sirloin & he got the salmon. As we said to the waitress, “please make them as boring as possible.” I remembered to bring some Whole 30-compliant Tessemea’s ranch dressing from home and it was gooooooooood. Like, felt like I was cheating good. And the steak and salmon were quite good too! But I just reminded myself that I was there for the company, not the fancy cuisine. And we went back to our house for cake and presents, so Chad and I just sang “Happy Birthday” and then made ourselves busy while everyone else ate the cake. Again, it was about being with our family, not about feeding the sugar dragon.

meatSo we made it through with flying colors! And today we accompanied my folks to Costco, since a little birdie told me they’re now the largest seller of organic food in the US. We went crazy for produce!!! We bought allthethings. And then ended up getting our own Costco membership! We’re official! I’m actually excited about the protein we can stock up on next week…

And speaking of protein, Chad and I decided to cook some delicious & comfort-y food tonight for my folks: potatoesFilet mignon, roasted potatoes, and salad! He cooked the steaks by searing them on the stovetop for a bit before throwing them in the oven, and had to keep a sharp eye on them since he likes medium rare, my mom and I like medium, and my dad basically wants it burnt to a crisp. And they came out perfectly. And then he topped them with some melted ghee, garlic, and rosemary. So, so, so good!

mom & dad
Dad & mom!!

I did some roasted red potatoes cut into cubes and rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and some rosemary from my garden. And while we were at Costco we bought 2 different salads: one kale & cabbage salad for us, and one classic caesar for my folks. We used the Tessemae’s Cracked Pepper dressing tonight, but the kale is just SO bitter! Next time I’ll definitely use the ranch.

But overall it was a bona fide hit! Absolutely delicious food and great conversation. And speaking of conversation, my family is waiting for me downstairs so I’m signing off.

Ten more days of Whole 30!!

dinner 20


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